Red Tractor Tracking Services

Red Tractor offers a range of enhanced tracking services to industry. These resources will enable you to monitor farm assurance quickly and easily. 

Certificate Tracking

Certificate tracking is a proactive resource that provides easy access to the certification status of your assured farmer suppliers. The service allows you to tag a list of your assured farmer suppliers against the RTA database. You receive daily e-mail alerts notifying you of key changes to your tagged supplier certification statuses and download spreadsheets which report information on all tagged suppliers. You can also synchronise this list with your internal systems. 

Subscription Annual Fee (exc. VAT)
Tracking Band A* £100
Tracking Band B* £400
Tracking Band C* £750
Tracking Band D* £2000
System integration via web service £240

* Number of tagged members included in each band varies per scheme.

Integrated Checker

The Integrated Checker is designed for businesses without a regular supplier base and provides a way to integrate your internal I.T. with the member checker.  This service does not require you to tag a list of your suppliers but instead allows you to query the database automatically to receive the assurance status of a Red Tractor member.  

Subscription Annual Fee (exc. VAT)
Tracking Band D + System integration
via web service


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