Why do I need to register?

Our Member Services 

Our member services provide you with additional tools to make the Assurance process simpler. 

1. Access to the Red Tractor Portal - registering gives you the username and password you will need to access the portal to upload your documents prior to your assessment. 

2. Complete a self-assessment audit: Completing a self-assessment audit before your inspection will help you to ensure you meet all the relevant requirements of the standards and avoid non-conformances

3. View your latest certification information: you can view all information about your latest assurance certificate i.e. validity of your certificate, expiry date, holdings that are assured and enterprises you are assured for.                                          



Our Industry Services

Red Tractor also offer a service that allows the wider industry such as other farmers, abattoirs and livestock markets to check the assurance status of any Red Tractor producer. For any product to carry the Red Tractor logo each step of the supply chain must be checked to confirm that the previous step(s) were assured. Registering for buyer access is a simple, easy way in which to do this. Once you have registered you can search for a Red Tractor Member using:

1. Holding Number

2. Company Name

3. Address

4. Postcode