Dairy Purchaser Directory

First Purchaser Postcode Number Status Reason
A.E. Rodda & Son Ltd TR16 5BU LC138 Current
AJ & RG Barber Ltd BA4 6PR LC058 Current
Alvis Bros Ltd - Redhill BS40 5RH LC113 Current
Arla Foods LS10 1AB LC080 Current
Aurivo Dairy F45 DR13 LC140 Current
Bates Farms and Dairy Ltd PR8 4ES LC102 Current
Belton Cheese Ltd (Belton Farm) SY13 1JD LC053 Current
Berkeley Farm Dairy SN4 9BZ LC193 Current
Bluebell Dairy Ltd DE21 7AR LC185 Current
Brades Farm Dairy Limited LA2 9LF LC167 Current
Buckley & Son HD8 8YN LC174 Current
Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses PR3 2LH LC026 Current
BV Dairy SP7 8QD LC033 Current
Calon Wen Organic Milk Co-operative Ltd SA67 7ES LC069 Current
Chestnut Dairies Ltd HU11 5RJ LC155 Current
Chew Valley Dairy Limited BS40 6HP LC148 Current
Clifton Farm Dairies PR4 0HQ LC150 Current
Connect Plus Ltd BB7 4JP LC030 Current
Cornish Farm Dairy t/a Trewithen Dairy PL22 0LW LC031 Current
Cotteswold Dairy Ltd GL20 8JE LC095 Current
County Milk Products Ltd SK9 2BT LC124 Current
Craigs Farm Dairy DT3 6EX LC168 Current
Creamline Dairies M30 8WL LC133 Current
Crediton Dairy Ltd EX17 2AH LC126 Current
Cropwell Bishop Creamery Ltd NG12 3BQ LC010 Current
D McCreery & Sons EH41 4JG LC177 Current
Dairy Crest Ltd T/A Wensleydale Creamery (Hawes) DL8 3RN LC083 Current
Dairy Partners (Cymru Wales) Ltd SA38 9DQ LC127 Current
Dale Farm Cooperative (previously United Dairy Farmers) BT3 9LS LC016 Current
Dales Dairies BD23 5BL LC154 Current
DE Lynes & Partners TN26 3BZ LC189 Current
Dewlay Cheesemakers Ltd PR3 0PR LC014 Current
DL, DM & J Heron LS16 9JR LC190 Current
E & W Threlfall BB5 5JP LC192 Current
Embleton Hall Dairies Ltd TS28 5NU LC011 Current
Emerald Organics Ltd BT78 1RJ LC119 Current
Farmview Dairies Ltd BT6 9SR LC166 Current
First Milk Ltd G2 1AL LC074 Current
Fred W Read & Sons Ltd LN13 0HE LC186 Current
Freshways W3 7YG LC017 Current
Glanbia Cheese LL77 7TT LC019 Current
Glanbia Cheese Limited. - Craigavon BT67 0QY LC179 Current
Glanbia Ireland DAC BT92 0PE LC149 Current
Grahams the Family Dairy FK9 4RW LC044 Current
Green Pastures Northern Ireland BT24 1DJ LC132 Current
Hollis Mead Farms LLP DT2 0NP LC164 Current
Isle of Man Creamery Ltd IM4 4QE LC076 Current
J & B Woodcock & Sons (Yew Tree Dairy) WN8 9PS LC024 Current
Jacksons Dairy Ltd SK7 6NE LC112 Current
Jersey Dairy JE3 5JP LC136 Current
Joseph Heler Ltd - Nr Nantwich CW5 7PE LC043 Current
Lakeland Dairies NI BT77 8RQ LC159 Current
Lancashire Farm Dairies (Pakeeza Dairies) OL16 5LX LC139 Current
Lanchester Dairies Ltd DH7 0RL LC038 Current
Langage Farm PL7 5AY LC114 Current
Llaeth Cymreig SA44 4RD LC032 Current
Long Clawson Dairy Ltd LE14 4PJ LC051 Current
Longley Farm HD9 2JD LC034 Current
Lynher Dairies Ltd TR3 7JQ LC161 Current
Mackies Ltd AB51 8US LC180 Current
Mark Hunter Ltd SA62 4BW LC137 Current
Meadow Foods Chester Site CH4 9JS LC068 Current
Mona Dairy Wales LL65 4RJ LC183 Current
Mortons Dairies Ltd L31 0BP LC108 Current
Muller Milk & Ingredients TF9 3UY LC087 Current
North Lakes Foods Ltd CA11 9BL LC151 Current
Organic Herd BS22 6WA LC071 Current
Orkney Milk Ltd KW15 1RG LC066 Current
P G Beswick ST13 8PL LC175 Current
Parkham Farms Ltd EX39 5PX LC062 Current
Pattemores Dairy Ingredients TA18 8NT LC040 Current
Paynes Dairies Ltd YO51 9LS LC057 Current
Pembrokeshire Creamery Ltd SA62 4BS LC196 Current
PH & RM Holden SA48 8PS LC178 Current
Quickes Traditional Ltd EX5 5AY LC115 Current
RG & ME Dearnley HD8 8LJ LC188 Current
Rivermead Dairy Ltd EX16 7EW LC134 Current
Saputo Dairy UK KT13 0NY LC091 Current
South Caernarfon Creameries LL53 6SB LC025 Current
South West Organic Milk Ltd TA18 8RR LC184 Current
Southlakes Organic Milk Ltd LA12 0JG LC176 Current
St Quintin's Creamery Ltd (W Burdass & Sons) YO25 4QZ LC169 Current
Strathroy Dairy BT79 7JD LC104 Current
Test First Purchaser EH99 9AG LC195 Current
The Fresh Milk Company DG9 7DA LC070 Current
The Milk Well T/A DM Collinson HU10 6HB LC194 Current
Waitrose & Partners Farm - Leckford Estate SO20 6DD LC182 Current
Wells Farm Dairy ST18 9EE LC128 Current
Wyke Farms Ltd - Bruton BA10 0PU LC054 Current
Yeo Valley Farms Production Ltd BS40 7YE LC171 Current